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Press Kit

Safina Banquets

Press Kit


Safina Banquets is one of the best event destinations in Bengaluru. We provides exquisite, affordable rooftop & indoor venues to make your next intimate event a dream come true! We offer over 20,000 sq ft of customizable event spaces in the heart of Bengaluru city. Set at the iconic Safina Plaza, with over 50% open to sky rooftop spaces, we invite you to celebrate your special occasion with a splendid view of The Garden City.


Our brand assets should be used consistently across the entirety of our creative output. To make that easy, we've put together a package - which include logos, colours etc.

Let’s take you through three of our most gorgeous spaces:

Sky Terraces:


This is the ideal spot for your private event. This massive 13,000 square foot space can be customized into three different spreads! The newly constructed roof takes advantage of Bengaluru's amazing weather. Instead of waiting until summer for an outdoor event, you can enjoy mild temperatures and comfortable breezes during any time of the year.

Terrace Garden:


The preferred location for Bangalore's wedding receptions, engagements, birthday parties, and private bashes, the Terrace Garden surpasses all open spaces in opulence and customizable amenities. Illuminated by gorgeous LED strips and fairy lights, The Garden render all who enter its impressive, 4000 square foot space speechless!

Grand AC Ballroom:


This 6,000 square foot space accommodates the most glamorous gala. Our guests favor the grand ballroom chandeliers, spotlights, professional sound system and a whole lot more. You have got to experience it to believe it!




Brand Name Appearance:

This is how our brand name is written: Safina banquets, always use upper case ‘S’ and lower case ‘b’

Our Logos:


The signature is the most visible element of Safina banquets - a universal signature across all communications. We use the same version in print, on screen, at trade shows and on the walls of our office. while it is a simple logo, we must treat it with care.

<link to download assets>


Safina banquets Colors


The colors of Safina banquets are strong and straightforward. They represent the core of the brand using the very minimum number of colors. The consistent representation of these core colors help reinforce the distinctiveness of the brand.

<insert color code>

Link to Brochure:

Contact details:


Vikram Nandakumar

Relationship Manager

+91 9113992047

Download our Brochure:
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